Meet Judd Lyon

Tech experience & expertise you can rely on

With nearly 15 years as a solo tech consultant and over 100 projects completed, I have the expertise to help your company make more money by improving your web presence.

My story

I fell in love with the internet in the late 90s, spending countless hours reading about anything I could think of. In 2002 while attending San Francsico State University I decided to build my own computer.

At the end of the project I didn't have enough money to purchase a copy of Windows, so I installed a copy of Linux (SuSE if you're keeping score at home). This was the point where I went from enjoying computers to becoming completely fascinated by them.

I began taking courses in digital media and web page authoring, and spent hours figuring out how to make things work. I parlayed my new skills into building websites for local small businesses for beer money. First a staffing agency, then a pet store, and up the ladder to a law firm.

In 2007 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Masters degree in Advertising, I put my tech skills to use contracting for a local venture-backed startup. One referral led to another and I've been at it ever since!

Why you should hire me

Hybrid marketer + developer

I have the mindset of a marketer and the skillset of a programmer. Would you rather hire an architect who has been sitting in an office their whole career, or one who has also swung a hammer and hung drywall?

Relationships > technology

I focus on helping my clients solve business challenges, technology is just a means to an end. I've built my business on referrals and repeat business by taking the long view.

Teach a client to fish...

I always try to share what I know, I do not beleive in hoarding information for job security. I try to be a force multiplier - I want the impact of our work together to last beyond our engagement.