Digital Strategy

Get clear about your online goals

Crafting a smart digital strategy is probably the single most important thing you can do.

What exactly is a digital strategy?

It's an intentional, documented plan for how you'll spend time and resources to acheive your online goals.

A digital strategy anwsers:

  • How you're positioned amongst competitors
  • What's working and what isn't
  • When to buy vs build
  • What stays in-house vs hiring outside help
  • What can developed, streamlined, or eliminated
  • How you can upskill your team
  • How to measure success

There is nothing more demoralizing to a team than to work hard on a poorly defined or ill-fated project.

Companies that succeed online don't do so by accident.

Digital Strategy Services

Phone Consultation


Let's get to know each other! On this call we'll discuss your business objectives and can see if we're a good fit.

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Digital Strategy Workshop

$3,250 • In-person only

In this full day workshop we explore the challenges and opportunities your company faces when it comes to online marketing.

We'll examine:

  • What future success looks like
  • What's worked in the past, and what hasn't
  • What to measure, and how
  • Your team
  • Your processes
  • Your technology stack

Prior to the workshop I'll ask you to complete a pre-workshop assesment.

After we meet I will document our key takeaways and ideas for moving forward.

This workshop is more of a jam session, not a rigid presentation.

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Advisory Retainer

$2,575 per month

For clients who want to "rent my brain," a monthly advisory retainer offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can get timely and objective answers on technical subjects.

In additiona you get access to my vetted network of designers, developers, and tools.

We'll have two scheduled calls per month and you get unlimited email and Slack access. I will reply within one business day, most often within a couple hours.

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“ProMach is a complex multi-brand global organization with over $800 million in annual sales – it’s rare that a vendor even attempts to understand the nuances of our business. Judd has put in the extra time and effort to not only learn our business but to develop and lead a number of extremely successful online initiatives that have generated real revenue for us. In doing so he has become more than a vendor or even a trusted partner, he’s viewed by many in our organization as a part of our team.” – John Eklund, VP of Marketing, ProMach