Digital Strategy

Get clarity about your online goals

Companies that succeed online don't do so by accident

What's a digital strategy?

It's a roadmap for how you'll spend your scarce time and resources to acheive your online objectives.

A digital strategy can help anwser:

  • How to measure success
  • How you're positioned amongst competitors
  • What's working and what isn't
  • When to buy vs build
  • How to upskill your team
  • When hiring outside help makes sense
  • What to streamline or eliminate

How I can help you

I offer a digital strategy workshop as well as ongoing retainers.

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“ProMach is a complex multi-brand global organization with over $800 million in annual sales – it’s rare that a vendor even attempts to understand the nuances of our business. Judd has put in the extra time and effort to not only learn our business but to develop and lead a number of extremely successful online initiatives that have generated real revenue for us. In doing so he has become more than a vendor or even a trusted partner, he’s viewed by many in our organization as a part of our team.” – John Eklund, VP of Marketing, ProMach